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CareStart? G6PD缺乏癥快速檢測卡

發布時間:2017-4-6 10:00:53??????瀏覽次數:



真正的即時檢測G6PD > 95%敏感性*世衛組織分類Ⅰ&Ⅱ(< 10%的正?;顒?

CareStart?G6PD RDT視覺篩選試驗,確定G6PD缺乏患者使用全血樣品。


Results of Access Bio's G6PD Performance Test :Institute Pasteur, Cambodi
Cutoff Value(%) <30%
CareStart? G6PD RDT Sensitivity (95% CL) 100%
Specificity 97%



1Gently hold the bottom part of the pipette and touch the blood drop with the open end of the capillary tube.(CAUTION : Do not cover the hole!)
2Let the blood flow into the capillary tube.
3Cover and press the hole to release the blood into the sample well. Add 2 drops of Assay Buffer (100?) immediately after to the buffer well.
4Read result in 10 minutes.


NORMALA distinct purple color appears in the reading window within 10 min.DEFICIENTNo color change or a very faint purple color appears in the reading window within 10 min(A borderline result is read as deficient.)INVALIDNo blood migration or incomplete blood migration in window.
Product Cat. No. Package Size Components
CareStart? G6PD RDT RGP-M02582 25 tests/box Alcohol, Lancets, Pipettes, Assay buffer, Instruction for use

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